My Firsts!

Hey everyone!

It’s me Jam.

I saw a post from one of my blog pegs @fallingforsnow Hihi. Hi Yumie 🙂

And it was a post about “My Firsts” a blog post about sharing your first time encounters and first time memories. 😀

So yes. Here are my firsts!

  1. First plane ride you ever went on?

Oh this is recent!  Uhm, my first plane ride was last August 2, 2018 where I was bound to Manila because me and my cousin is travelling to Singapore.

Yeap. 😀 That’s my very first plane ride and travel. I was super nervous but good thing I have mom on messenger and thank God for airplane signs because everything’s a mystery if you’re a first timer! 😀

Good thing everything went so well with my first plane ride. I was even in the window seat! Hihi yey! I wish more travels to come next yeaar!

And hey you can also see my post during my travel here:

  1. First time I got into trouble at school?

So, maybe uhmmm. When I was in grade 5? Yeah. Because me and my girl seatmate was very noisy and we were reprimanded by our teacher and we were so noisy we were punished to stand in the corners of the blackboard. I mean he let me stood on the right side of the blackboard and my classmate also stood on the left side of the blackboard. Dang!

Lesson? Don’t talk to your noisy seatmate if it’s not really important and when you’re teacher is doing lecture.

  1. My First Car.

We have two cars but I don’t know how to drive. It’s not my car, it’s our family car but, I have a cut-out car photo from a newspaper because it’s my dream car. It’s stapled in my cabinet and reminds me that I need to work hard to have my own car too. (Soon please!)

  1. My first cooking experience

Uhm yeah, I definitely agree with fallingforsnow that as an Asian or a girl generally, you really need to know how to cook and do household chores.

So, I really have to admit (HAHA! :p) I don’t know how to cook but as long as there’s youtube I can cook at least something edible right? Lol youtube is an internet savior.

So, My first cooking experience was when I cooked adobo sa asin. One of Philippine’s favorite dishes. It looks like this:

Salty yet yummy!

  1. My first swear word?

Maybe my first swear word is “Pucha” Hehe. I learned it when I was with my bestfriend Faye during grade school days and we would talk how cool her sister is since her sister was in highschool and we would look up to them and say they’re so cool. They go out with friends and do teen things and while we’re walking she taught me that her sister would curse like”Pucha” because it’s a cool swear word that originated from the word “Put*” which means bitch in Filipino.

Hihi oopsy, grade school me.

  1. The first thing I do every morning?

Like Yumie, I also check my phone and send sweet text messages to my baba or my lovey baby, Ken. 😉


Hihi meet my lovey bear!

  1. My first language

My first dialect is our dialect here in Albay which is “Bikol”.

Albay is in the southeastern part of the Philippines! May I also add Albay is the province where Ms. Catriona Gray represent and where her mom’s root is. (Now MS. UNIVERSE 2018!!!)

We love you Catriona! We’re so proud of you. You are extremely amazing! Thank you for loving and patronizing our country!

  1. My first pet

Dog! His name is Spot. We got him when I was eight and died when I was in Grade 6 or thirteen years old.

I miss you spotty boy!

  1. The first book I remember reading?

Grolier’s Encyclopedia or… A story book where the story of the elephant’s trunk is featured. My siblings would read it to me when I was five or six.

I miss you ate B and kuya BJ!

  1. My first sports activity is

Badminton! I miss my badminton playmates slash neighbours. I would go to the other side of the subdivision just so we can play badminton and have a big court to play with.

  1. My first room

Me and my sister share the same room. Before it was a pale white room but now we painted it a striped pink room to feel the girly side of us J

   12. My first job

This question I don’t like. Joke! Uhmm, Actually my first job is I was a part time writer in a photography studio business. They needed a writer to write their textbook about basics of photography.  Hihi. Hi Sir, it was a bad memory, I had to leave the job because it wasn’t a paid job lol more like a volunteer job for me.

  1. My first movie

Uhmmm maybe my first movie was me and my dad watched “Panday” starring Bong Revilla. It’s an action packed Philippine comic character. It’s super old school movie. I watched it with my dad and he was so noisy when we watched the movie especially during action scenes! Lol

  1. The First Luxury Item I bought

Uhmmm, maybe it’s my wallet when I was in highschool I guess? I can’t really remember but disclaimer when we were highschool, wallet was just a super THING for us. It’s where we put our group photos and stuff, if you have a long and cute wallet you are so in and everyone would borrow your wallet and peek through it and see what’s interesting. So yeah! I literally bought myself a long and a red and black wallet where I can store photos and cards or whatever but my money? the money inside was a small amount because I bought that pricey wallet! LOL.

Lol! Sometimes you gotta spend pricey things just to be “IN” when you’re in highschool! HAHA! Fomo back in the days!

  1. The first game

As far as I can remember the first game I played and love was Paperboy in my cousin’s Nintendo Gameboy. Lol! It was fun throwing newspapers in houses. lol


So yeah. Here are my 15 Firsts! Feel free to do the game! Super fun to recall and share the memories you have! 🙂






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